«Sticky Plugs»

What is a sticky button?
A sticky button is a button that is located at the top of a plugboard and does not get pushed off until it expires. Therefore, it gets more exposure than any other button on the board and many more visitors.

How long do they stay at the top?
It depends on the person who owns the sticky button. They can choose anywhere between 1 month to forever.

How much does it cost?
$2.00 per week per sticky button.

Special Offers:
These are for long term purchases. If you want to purchase a sticky button for a long time then your best bet is to go with a monthly bundle because you will save some money

1 week = $2.00
2 weeks = $3.00
1 month = $7.00
3 months = $20.00
6 months = $35.00
1 year = $40.00

NOTE: If your site shuts down before your button expires you will not be refunded.

  1. As long as you follow these two guidelines you will be accepted.
    Your site must be in English.
  2. There may not be any offensive or adult content on your site.

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